Gro - Norway

Oslo, 6 July 2010


Testimony about the DE-KA titan bracelet


I am a Norwegian woman, 52 year of age, and have been suffering from migraines for approximately 30 years. The past 15 years they have become increasingly worse, I can no longer drink any alcohol, I always get migraines if I stay in places with much noise, much light or if I go on car or air trips that last longer than a few hors. But even if I avoid these (known) triggers I have been forced to take migraine medication (sumatriptan) on average 17 days a month. Fortunately, this medication works so I have not had to give up my work or even stay away from work much because of migraines. However, it is exhausting to have these pains so often and to take these medicines more than every other day, for decades.


If I do not take medication, my migraine attacks last for approximately 48 hours and are excruciatingly painful. Needless to say, I prefer the risks of medication side effects to going through this on a regular basis. I have sometimes felt compelled to just go through with attacks when I have been in situations when I have taken the medication every day for more than three weeks.


I have been to numerous doctors, including specialists, and gone through a number of attempts to cure the migraines through prophylactic treatment. Over the years, I have tried different kinds of blood pressure medication, anti depressants (in small doses), epilepsy medication of various strength, hormone additions of different kinds including birth control pills, and cortisone, to mention some.  I have also tried a number of alternative avenues, such as chiropractors, acupuncture and homeopathy, taken minerals, vitamins, herbs etc.. I have also tried a variety of different diets, ranging from eating only raw vegetables to eating only meat and fat, and everything in between. Nothing I ever tried had lasting effects. Sometimes there would be an improvement for a few weeks, but soon I would be back to normal.


Migraine has impacted my life very negatively, both physically and mentally. Medication makes me tired, and all physical activity becomes very heavy. I feel guilty because I get migraines (what did I do this time?) and because I take too much medication (the doctors keep saying that more than 8 migraine medicine doses a month is too much). I am by nature a cheerful person, but this condition has made me feel very depressed many times.



I was checking something on the internet when I by chance looked at a website for alternative treatment of migraines (MAGNUM) and read about the DE-KA bracelet for the first time. This was in January this year (2010). I thought it very unlikely that this would have any effect on me, as nothing I have tried has ever worked. It stuck somehow in my memory, and when I had had a particularly bad February, I thought that perhaps it was worth trying. The offer from DE-KA-med to return the money if it didn’t work made me think that at lest this is not some kind of hoax or scam. I received the bracelet in March.


When I started to wear the bracelet I was not very optimistic, having tried practically every possible remedy and getting disappointed every time. I first tried to wear it with the electrodes when an attack came. It did not work – something felt very different, but the pain came nevertheless. I then followed Manfred Lehnert’s
advice, using the bracelet without the electrodes, and simply wearing it 24/7. It had an astonishing effect. The pain became weaker, and I could very often get migraine attacks to disappear with paracetamol and similar non-prescription headache medication. Sometimes it just disappeared by itself. In fact, I can now wake up with beginning migraines, get out of bed and make some coffee, and in the course of 40 or so minutes, the pain has subsided. Always before, if I woke up with migraines, there would be no way to avoid migraine medication, and often I would have to take double dose.


In the first two months of wearing the bracelet, the frequency of taking sumatriptan
(relpax) went from 17 to 4 per month. I still had frequent headaches, but as I said, it was much easier to get them to disappear. I then had a period when the attacks became more frequent – I had 8 instances where I had to take relpax in May. I then wrote to Manfred Lehnert and he advised me not to wear metal in contact with the bracelet, as this would hamper the effect of the titan box. I had stared to wear a metal bracelet over the titan bracelet to hide it (feeling a bit self conscious about it). I then started to wear my wristwatch on the right wrist and no more metal objects on my left wrist except the bracelet itself. It has had a very positive effect. In June I had to take relpax only 3 times. Moreover, I have only taken non-prescription headache meds on two occasions. If I feel like a migraine is on the way in the afternoon or evening, I also use the electrodes, sleeping with them at night. This seems to prevent me waking up with migraines most of the time.


Summing up (it is now July 2010), my migraines have become far less frequent, and far less powerful. I am down to three instances of migraine medication and two to three instances of non-prescription meds per month. I feel like another person –  and in particular I am in a much better mood! I still have migraines as a diagnose, I still can’t drink wine, but I can live with it without feeling miserable, feeling poisoned by too much medication and feeling guilty about it too. I am no longer afraid that I will have to give up my profession on account of migraines. It has only been four months, but I have every confidence that the effect will last. My little involuntary experiment with hampering the effect of the bracelet, because I was wearing metal that touched the titan box, shows that the way it affects me cannot be placebo.


Gro N.